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Acting Journey 

Daniel Stisen started his acting career in 2011, after some experience with TV and short-films trough his bodybuilding career.


Daniel did his first acting classes at Nancy Mannes Acting Studio in Oslo, where he was introduced to Stanford Meisner technique. 


Daniel moved to London for some months and start study screen combat, special action at the British Action Academy at 3 Mills Studio and Lord Roberts Shooting Range. Daniel was trained by Andreas Petrides a former British stuntman with more then 500 film and TV credits and his team. 


Daniel flu later the same year to Poland and attend ESA, where he learned modern combat and trained with soldiers and CP from all over EU, he graduated as Private Military Contractor.


The next year Daniel went to Los Angles to build network in Hollywood and study acting at Ivana Chubbuck acting Studio in Hollywood. Chubbuck is one of the leading acting coaches in Hollywood, and worked with several of the A-listed actors and actresses. 


Daniel made the radio documentary "The Next Schwarzenegger" when he stayed in LA for NRK (Norway's state TV channel) The documentary was one of the most viewed radio documentaries in Norway in 2013. 


Daniel is now well-experienced and educated actor with special skills for action and epic war movies.


He has contributed to several Hollywood blockbuster movies and independent movies made in UK.

Daniel produced the short film Retribution in 2016, that was released in 2018, online at YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, it won several awards, and got public attention in several film media around the globe.  Daniel's second produced short film was Gain, a dark bodybuilding drama set in London, it was made in 2018, and released in 2021, online at Youtube and Vimeo, it won awards and got loads of publicity and Daniel won best actor awards for his performances the struggling bodybuilder Davie.  

in 2020, Daniel produced and stars in his first 90min action feature film, called Last Man Down, the film has US/UK release by the US distributor Saban Films, and release trough the world in the end of 2021. 

Daniel has signed as the lead actor of the up and coming US action drama "Fight Pride" directed by the legendary writer-director Sheldon Lettish, with worldwide release in 2022. 

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