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Bodybuilding and  Fitness Coaching/PT 

Do you need online monthly coaching or some advices, motivation or Personal Trainer? I can help you with customized training, nutrition, diet or contest prep.


Please select setup below, for more info about what I can do for you, please read more below the shop.  VIP & celebrities section.


Please check my Bodybuilding Credits link for my resume. I got experience as bodybuilder, powerlifter, PT, working in gyms, I have been coach and delgat for 24 Fitness Oslo (one of the leading clubs in Scandinavia) , and the Norwegian BB and Fitness team at Arnold Classic and Amateur Olympia.

1 PT-Workout (Only London)                                                                                                             £150

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10 PT-Workouts  (Only London)                                                                                                       £ 1000

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10min online fitness and nutrition coaching by phone/SMS/Email/Skype                                   £50.

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45min Online fitness and nutrition coaching by phone/SMS/Email/Skype                                   £100.

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Monthly Phone-SMS-Email nutrtion/fitness advicer support                                                       £ 400.


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Costum made Workout or Nutrtion plan (12 weeks)                                                                     £ 150.

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Costum made Workout + Nutrition plans                                                                                       £ 200.

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Total Package Montly                                                                                                                      £ 2000.

(PT 3-4 times a week, plans, programs, support)

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Backstage coaching for competition weekend, everything (1-2 Days)                                       £ 1000.

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Coaching for competion, nutrtion plans, share experiance,                                                        £ 1000. 

mental support, advicer, sceduling.

(Not including PT-workouts and posing traning)

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VIPs & Celebrities

I’m available for VIP or Celeb coaching.


My background from both the fitness industry and entertainment industry makes me perfect choice as Personal trainer for VIPs or celebrities.


I have deep knowledge about built muscles and getting ripped and stay in shape trough a whole film production. I’m used to work with famous actors/actresses on film sets and in public settings, I understand their needs and their concerns.


Contact me and I will help customize plans for your VIP/celeb  and get them in shape for their next project. 

How we work togheter to plan for your next or first competiton.

Plan; set your goal with a long, medium and short-term plan. 


Long-term could be 3-5 years ahead, how do you want your body to look like in 3-5 years from now? What goals do you want to achieve? Compete with your self? Become national or world champion? What kind of life do you wish?


Then set a medium term plan, maybe your goal is to compete in your first competition next year? I like medium term goals to be around 1 year long. 


Short-term, 3-6months, in bodybuilding and fitness, I would say 6months, but if you start working out and never done it before, your short term could be to get all routines and learn about fitness within the next 3months. 


If you have decided to compete, you need to set the terms based on your realities, how long has you been training, what’s your economy, what kind of job do you have. 


Let's say you want to compete next year and you want me to help you with coaching. What I would do is to ask you to send pictures of your physique. I would like you to do fat measurement, food allergic test, fill out information about yourself, what kind of physical work you do, how long you been training, what king of training, Do you got any injuries, do you have family, what kind of lifestyle you live.  What your short/medium/long-term goal is.  I will use this info to calculate and create a customize plan for you until your competition.


I would like to start work with you about 6 months before contest. We will then use the first month to get you into your new routines. We will plan how many months diet you need before contest, based on how develop your muscles are, and how high you body fat measurements are. We will then make sure you loose depend on your situation between 1kg and 500gr (2,1-1,1Ibs) per week. Normally this will take about 3-5 months, I will make sure you are ready for competition two weeks before contest, reason is then you got 1 week in backup, and another week to prepare for the contest day. You will use a customize plan for the last week of prep before contest. 

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